Dobji Dzong

Dobji Dokar Dzong Fortress in Bhutan

Dobji / Dokar Dzong (Fortress)

Built in 1531 by Ngawang Chogyal, the brother of Drukpa Kuenley popularly known as the “Divine Madman”, the Dokar/Dogar/ Dobji /Dobrji  Dzong is situated at an altitude of 6,600 feet on the way to Haa in western Bhutan.

It is said that Ngawang Chogyal followed the spring originating from the throne of Jetsun Milarepa in Druk Ralung, Tibet in order to select a suitable site to establish a Drukpa Kagyud centre in Bhutan. The water site was found suitable to construct a centre that came to be.

The dzong houses relics such as the statue of Jetsun Milarepa, Guru Langdarchen, Dungsay Dewa Zangpo, and Ngawang Chogyal while the gonkhang houses the Goem-Chamdal Sum: Mahakala, Mahakali and the Raven Crown.